this is a relatively new(2yrs in business) ranch. i decided to try them this trip. i booked the morning ride/snorkel trip.

i was picked up at the hotel by the owners father in law i believe. he was a very pleasant man. we chatted on our ride to the ranch. when i got there i realized i was the only person on the tour.....another tour that wasnt doing the snorkel portion was out already....the owner himself was gonna be my tour guide. the horses looked in good shape and the tack was good. yes i checked it before i got

we rode thru the streets and then into the countryside. he was wonderfully informative on what it was like to keep horses on the island. i, as a horseperson myself(i own three), cannot even imagine how hard it is to keep these animals in good weight and shape. they have no grass and all the hay is is the feed....and very expensive. i was shocked at what it costs. he told me about the areas we were passing through and was wonderful. the horse i was on was a doll...i believe her name was J-lo. we walked a bit...jogged a bit and even opened them up in a few areas. it was a blast...and i felt safe every step of the way. when we got to malmok, we dis-mounted and his father in law and daughter were there to meet us with snorkle gear and beverages. we chatted in the shade a bit more and drank some water...then i went off snorkling. i never felt rushed and it was amazing....i was alone in the coves of malmok and it was incredible. after i was dried off i went back over to where they were waiting...we chatted some more and a tourist came up to talk to him. being such a nice guy he put the tourist up on J-lo and took some photos of him! the man was so happy....and j-lo was a perfect angel. on the way back we were in the water alon by where the kite surfers are and he had my camera and was clicking pictures of me....thank you for that! i will treasure the pictures you took always. we had a nice ride back and he reminded me to put sunblock on again....he showed me where the skydivers land and the new site for the ritz....when we got back into the streets going back we encountered a few dogs who were not to happy to see us. my horse kept her composure the whole time even when a few of them charged us. he would position his horse next to mine and charge the dogs right back to scare them off. i never once felt worried.
when we got back i was offered more drinks and time to relax. the ranch is clean and very comfortable. when i felt ready to go his father in law once again drove me home. it was wonderful. i got to see a few of the horses out in a corral area and they all looked healthy and happy. i would highly recommend el paseo ranch for a ride. i got picked up at 8:30 am and didnt get back until 12:30pm. this ride cost me 80.00. i gave them extra because it was such a wonderful experience. give them a wont be sorry!