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Thread: First time Aruba, first time snorkeling

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    First time Aruba, first time snorkeling

    middle-school age daughter and I arrive in 5 weeks, and are hoping to snorkel for the first time. what's a wonderful, easy experience?

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    if you have a rental car, a morning trip on a weekday to BABY BEACH fits the ticket!
    easy entry
    easy snorkeling
    very good selection of marine life.

    another good place is catalina cove
    up past the marriott on the left.

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    Terrific. Great information. And thanks for the quick reply.

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    As Andrea says, for first time snorkelers, Baby Beach is a must, there is a breakwater, so there are no waves, 2" to 8', huge spa with fish. Stay inside the breakwater, and snorkel where the water changes color, the resort you stay at will most likely have a tube of fish food for purchase, but you can also bring with you fruit baggies(with the holes) break up bagels from breakfast and as you snorkel just squeeze the bag(hold on tight,or the fish will take it) Enjoy your trip, you will love it!

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