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Thread: Fishing

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    well, that's good to know. I do know about the Spanish Lagoon but if you don't mind, I will follow the post as we will be there in a couple of weeks. And, who knows maybe one of those trips you will have a huge haul!!!! and need to unload some. lol

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    playa linda, aruba beach club, wacky wahoos, driftwood,french steakhouse, any happy hour
    2 of us would like to join you on either dec 7 or 8. My name is Paul and can be emailed at

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucky View Post
    what kind of grouper are there in that depth offshore.When i use to deep drop in the florida keys in 500 to 1000 foot range it was mostly snowy & yellow edge?
    Hi, the big Groupers are also known as Jew Fish.

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    not aruba, but here is one of those jewfish groupers. the video is amazing.

    i hope by us referring to them as this, we are not being antisemitic

    Quote Originally Posted by bignermo View Post
    Hi, the big Groupers are also known as Jew Fish.

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