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Thread: Fishing charter for 6/2,6/3, 6/4

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    Cool Fishing charter for 6/2,6/3, 6/4

    We are looking for another couple to split the cost of morning fishing charter for either one of the dates: 6/1, 6/2 or 6/3.

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    My husband wants to go out on a charter. My daughter and I will stay at shore. What about splitting three ways? They start at $400.00, so $133.33 each. Let us know if this is of interest to you.

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    Be sure to take motion pills because its really rough fishing in Aruba. I see people sick all the time. Best way is take a pill before you go to bed and then take one in the morning before the trip. That way the stuff gets into your system. Otherwise you might as well take nothing. I see people pop a pill in there mouth before they go snorkeling. I am sorry but you have to give it time to go to work!!!!
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