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Thread: To golf or not to golf, that is the question.

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    To golf or not to golf, that is the question.

    Hello All

    Another question regarding our upcoming visit to Aruba that I hope you can be of assistance. With all this snow pilling up in the great white north I cannot wait to get there!!! And now we are going to get hit by another Alberta clipper and get a foot of snow in a day; good times.

    The question I have is regarding golf. Yes the best way to spoil a long walk. I was wondering for those who have played the two course on the island, how was the golf? More to the point is it worth me lugging my sticks all over Gods green for 3 or 4 rounds? Yes, you may say to rent clubs but for me that is like living in someone else’s house. It is my first trip to the island so I am thinking to leave the clubs at home and relax; however, I may be able to be swayed (please). If your vote is to bring the clubs, please let me know about your experiences at the courses. Quality of layout? Ease of getting tee times? How far from Manchebo? How much are green fees? Caddies? Etc.

    Thanks for all of your opinions and comments.

    Cannuck Jay.

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    Leave them and my DH and i both agree on it. Spending that kind of money to getto the island we need to get all the Aruba rays we can. To much work for to little enjoyment for us. You will not come back saying that was great golf, you will come back saying that beach and hotel were great. After 14 years of visits i say that with confidence!!

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    Too windy for a good game anyway, spend time on the beach and golf when the snow melts.

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.

    Well, we've played both courses a few times. The Divi course is a nice 9 hole course that you'll enjoy for a casual day of golf. The Tierra Del Sol course is a very windy, very difficult 18 hole course. Its interesting and scenic. and very pricey. Its not worth bringing your own clubs. They rent top of the line clubs.
    To be honest, the beaches are better than the golf.

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    I could not disagree with the previous answers more. You sound like you may be an avid golfer like me. I would hate to play without my own clubs. The golf courses are a challenge with the wind, but it's a challenge unlike what we get to experience here in the states. If you are planning to play several times, I think you would regret not having your own sticks. Tierra Del Sol costs slightly over $100 per round with a cart. You can play early and get back to the beachs. That's what I do. During a 13 day vacation I will play 5 or 6 times. Be sure to take time to pause and enjoy the views. Remember, even if you struggle a little bit, you are in paradise. Have fun and enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnewhampshire View Post
    Too windy for a good game anyway, spend time on the beach and golf when the snow melts.
    I've thought about it a few times, but I have a very high ball trajectory and I'd rather enjoy myself than be frustrated.

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    Thumbs up

    Tierra Del Sol is well worth the money. Assuming that you are a good golfer, you will see it as too easy at first sight, but the wind will make it a good challenge.
    There is normally no problem with getting a starting time.
    As said above go real early (it will get very hot later and you will not have a bunch of slow golfers with high handicaps ahead of you). First tee is 7AM, which should get you done by 10-11 and you still have most of the day to enjoy the rest of Aruba. Greenfees including carts is from $112-159 depending of time of year. Club rental or not is an individual choice but the ones they rent out is pretty good quality, but they are $55 per round (including 3 balls), so if you play many times it is definitely worth bringing your own. Shoe rental is $15, but for me that is something I would never do (even bring my own for the bi annual bowling ). If it hasn't rained that morning, you will do just fine with a normal pair of shoes as the course is pretty dry.
    If you are an avid golfer you know that a bad day of golfing beats a day on a crowded beach anytime (but you are at the right hotel on the right beach, so you will get time enough to enjoy that as well).
    You will get plenty of sun doing a round as well. The views are amazing and the course if very well kept. It is a golfing experience that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. The restaurant at the club has a very good lunch menu to top the experience off.

    Happy golfing


    P.S. The do have 3 and 5 day packages that will get the green fee down to 100-133.
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    Hey, I've played Divi three times (I think) and Tierra once. Both are nice. To the guy worried about high ball trajectory, Divi will be fine.

    Obviously I fiercely disagree with all the people who say it's not worth it to golf in Aruba. The courses are nice and nothing beats golfin in February. I mean, you can sit on a beach at home in the summer as much as you can golf in the summer, so why think of it in terms of "may as well get all the beach time you can"?

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