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Thread: Horseback Riding and ATV Rentals?

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    Horseback Riding and ATV Rentals?

    Has anyone heard of Delphi Watersports? I saw on their website that they offer horseback riding and ATV/Jeep rentals and tours, some things I was thinking of doing while in Aruba next month. I don't know how good/safe they are and the fact that they had a couple misspellings and some incorrect grammar on their website kind of makes me wonder just how professional they might be. Has anyone else gone through them for outdoor activities? If we decide to snorkel I will most likely contact ArubaBob for that, my husband is still not sure if he wants to snorkel though.

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    [B]here are some threads where delphi is mentioned]

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    Very odd indeed. They also have a page to make reservations but I do not see prices listed. Maybe I just missed them

    We had a terrific ATV experience with Kini Kini

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