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Thread: It's Official! We love Aruba.

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    Originally Posted by cindyo need to change your avatar to one of these great photos...ditch the duck... cindy
    OK, it is NOT a duck LOL. It is a Loon, the Minnesota Sate Bird. That loon lives on our lake, we have grown quite attached to him. I think I need to keep it. lol, some are just loony for their loons! love it.

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    haven't explored much yet..going on our second trip this winter. But we did enjoy Eagle Beach.
    I vote to keep the Loon too! Love those birds. We enjoy them on our summer lake vacation here in New Hampshire. Leaving for Aruba this weekend..can't wait!

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    great pics of the turtles...I unfortuneately have to wait till november to chase one...unless I hit the lottery...
    keep posting, we love everyones pictures, like andrea we all live vicariously through each others trips when we can not be there ourselves.....

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