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Thread: Jeep or ATV solo...

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    Jeep or ATV solo...

    Hi everyone!

    OK, so I just read the thread below

    My wife and I did an ATV tour on our honeymoon two years ago (it POURED at the beginning and she had to leave her ATV and ride tandem with me; I also remember coming down a steep hill and almost rolling ATV--but we had a BLAST) and enjoyed it (though we got REAAAAALY dirty *grin*)

    So, now we were thinking about renting an ATV and exploring solo. Having read the thread above, I might also consider renting a Jeep instead.

    My question(s) to the group would be:
    1. What is a good route for solo ATV exploration (California Lighthouse, etc?)? I am thinking 2-4 hours, leaving from Westin
    2. What about Jeeps? Is there a fun route that would give ATV-like experience?
    3. Any recommendations on places to rent from?
    As always, we appreciate all the advice!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    I am attaching two basic tours of the island. Directions may not be perfect, but you will get the jist.

    For a more legible word doc. copy or pdf. please email me. Files are too big to attach here.
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    thanks so much! I'll email you once I figure out how to get your address

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    i like the jeep idea myself. room to put a cooler full of water and carry your snorkel equipment. we had a blast in a jeep all around the park.

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