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    Jeep Tours


    I have found a lot of great information about Aruba on these forums and felt this was the best place to get answers to my questions. There is going to be a large group of friends (over 20 of us) going to Aruba in July. For most of us it will be our first visit. Some of us will be bringing children (12 and older) and others traveling as couples. I would like to tour the island and was considering a jeep tour. I am looking for suggestions on what Jeep tour company you feel is best and what sites are not to be missed. Also, should we do the 4 or 8 hour tour? I am not sure if all of us will be going, but I am trying to gather information and then see who might be interested.

    Thanks !!

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    ABC Jeep Tours , imo, half day only. 4 - 5 hours is as much touring as my 12 yo can stand at this point in her life.

    For a private tour, if they can handle a goup as large as yours, also check out Kini Kini Tours They are a small Mom and Pop operation and customize the tour whichever way you like.

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    We had a great time on ABCs jeep safari tour. We did the half day tour which was long enough for us. My group had 8 people and we shared a jeep with 2 others.

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    Talking What's the best jeep tour?

    I went years ago, I don't remember the company but I hated it...I was petrified. They let someone on the tour drive our jeep and he didn't know what he was doing! I swore I'd never go on one again but my husband has never been to Aruba and I really think he'd love it.

    Can someone suggest a good one? One where someone from the company drives? Also did I just have a bad experience or do other people feel nervous on these tours too?

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    well, if you're not the ones driving then i can see why you'd be scared for your life! you can either ask to drive yourself and take control of your situation or simply ask the guide if you can sit in their jeep - which i have seen.

    i just came back from aruba and went on the natural pool jeep tour with depalm. i ended up driving and they didn't even ask for my license. but then again, the same thing happened with abc-tours. i just don't think they care....they probably think you won't be stupid as to risk your life driving the jeep over the rough terrain if you didn't know how to drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fattypatty View Post
    they probably think you won't be stupid as to risk your life driving the jeep over the rough terrain if you didn't know how to drive.
    You would think they would know Americans better by now.

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    I would definitively choose Abc tours.
    You can request a driver!
    They have the best guides on the island, all Arubans and people who know the island and its history.

    Have a great time and relax. The safaris are very safe. Even when tourists drive!


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