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Thread: Jet Skiing and Parasailing

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    Quote Originally Posted by serene56 View Post
    I know its an old post-- RobO did your daughter do this excursion?

    I am so afraid of getting dunked into the water-- I will literally freak out- do you think that can happen

    YES...our daughter did do it, in fact, both of them....
    Let the driver of the boat and his or her helper know that you don't want to be dunked or dropped into the water. They did drop both of our girls. One loved it, the other not so much.
    After they dipped them in they pulled both up really quick.
    I think I might have posted some pics in the gallery..
    Watch if you do do it that they have sufficient staff on the boat. We went on with 4 "workers" who tended to my 2 and 1 other girl. We were allowed to go on the boat with them.

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    Thanks for the reply- I see you get 12 minutes.

    Now I am also looking at the helicopter tour-- i get about 15 more minutes for 15.00 more then parasailing.

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