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    has anyone tried the new kayak adventure? was the current difficult to paddle against? please share your experience.

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    I have the same question! Anyone?

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    I went kayaking just last week Saturday with my cousin. He owns a kayak, so we didn't take the kayak adventure. We did see some people there that were kayaking as well, I believe they were there with the kayak adventures tour.

    We went kayaking at the Mangel Halto beach area (Savaneta). It's nice and calm. Very small waves. This was the first time going there with my cousin. It was a blast!!! It's a very secluded beach area, so there were only like 5 people there. Perfect place for kayaking. My cousin has one of those 2 person sit-on-top kayak. We bought some fishing rods the day before, to go fishing on the kayak. We were pretty exited. As soon as we hit the waters the adrenaline rush started to kick in. It was very shallow and we could see the bottom. Here comes a very small wave and yes.... we tipped over!!! All 5 people on the beach were laughing at us! hahahahaha.... Note: my cousin and I don't have any kayak experience and had no life vests on because they didn't arrive yet with the mail order. We do know how to swim but it was my first time kayaking on the open ocean. We had loads of stuff on the kayak as well, like snorkels, an ice-jug, underwater camera. As soon as we tipped over everything started to float and because there's a hard wind blowing it was moving away from us quickly. Note: make sure you have everything tied to the kayak!!!

    We got on and started paddling again, towards an island of Aruba called Rif. This small island is past the Palm island. Note: when paddling in the wind direction you'll get to your spot quickly. I noticed that the waters we were on were pretty deep! After paddling some more we finally were reaching Rif. We wanted to dock at Rif to go fishing and as we were approaching the island a bigger wave came and again tipped us over!!! This time we panicked... we were in deeper waters and we couldn't find the strength to tip the kayak back over... somehow we did. We started to search for our drifting away stuff and then finally got back on the kayak. When we arrived at Rif we docked and started fishing. We both didn't know how to... I believe that's why we didn't catch anything as well.

    After spending like 3 hours at the island just enjoying the sun and the sea we decided to go back to the mainlands. Paddling back was hard! The wind really blows hard and as soon as you stop to catch a breath, you'll lose ground. There isn't a strong current but the wind is the one that pushes you out!

    We got back safely and we really enjoyed the afternoon kayaking.
    It was a real adventure and worth all the muscle aches! My cousin and I realized that we are lucky for living in Aruba and having the opportunity to enjoy the sea and beaches when we want to.
    We love ARUBA!!!

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    kayaking, one more thing on my list of things to do. Thanks for the detailed account so I know what to expect.
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    I'm curious about the Aruba Kayak Adventure tours. They now offer 2 different excursions.
    1) Kayak Tour to De Palm Island for snorkeling and lunch (all you can eat & open bar)
    2) Kayak Tour to Mangel Halto Reef for snorkeling and lunch at Balashi Bier Gardens.

    Curious if any of you have taken either or both of the tours and have a recommendation, opinion on the pros/cons of these?

    Thanks for the feedback!


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