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Thread: Kayak or other different things to do?

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    Kayak or other different things to do?

    Hi - We're going to be in Aruba a month from now. We've been a couple of times before and are looking for new things to do (aside from the jeep tour, sail and snorkle, etc.). I noticed kayaking, but we'd be novices and I recall some pretty hefty winds that may make it challenging for us. Have any beginners tried kayaking and was it okay?

    What other ideas do folks have?


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    Thanks! The hike sounds great.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Another idea, we just did an ATV tour with Kini Kini that was terrific!

    1/2 Day Tour Single Rider $65.00 Adult with a child. My math it will be less expensive than the TomCar, but now that I have typed all that, can you do either ATV or Tom Car with a 2 year old?
    Sites to be visited
    - California Lighthouse
    - Wish Garden
    - Alto Vista Chapel
    - Bushiribana Ruins
    - Natural Bridge
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