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Thread: Looking for deep sea fishing partner(s) Oct 7-10

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    Cool Looking for deep sea fishing partner(s) Oct 7-10

    Hi, I am a single guy who is looking to split the cost of a charter. I want to go out deep sea fishing so at least a full day or full day would be good. I am budget conscious which is why I'm posting this -- my goal here is to have a good day on a captain+crew+tackle+bait boat for a total outlay of around $100-$150. I think this means splitting with at least 2 other people.

    Or, I can help pay for expenses (gas/tackle/bait) on someone's private boat on a more informal basis.

    Let me know -- I am open to possibilities. But I do want to get out further and pretty much keep at least a few of the fish I catch, and wish to go for pelagic (deep water) fish which have a lower chance of cinguatera and are therefore safe to eat.

    Me: friendly good natured guy, looking to enjoy some decent sporting fun in the sun with good people. Get in touch folks!

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    tons of folks fish either by boat or from the shore.
    to my recollection, never on this forum has the topic of contaminated fish (Ciguatera) ever been brought up.

    once you arrive in aruba, you could also check with the boat captains at the main dock downtown and leave them your information. they may be able to hook you up (no pun intended) with others and make certain that you get on the correct boat that brings you out for deep sea fishing.

    welcome to the forum.

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