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Thread: Looking to share fishing charter...

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    Looking to share fishing charter...

    sometime the last week of March/first week of April. My husband loves to fish while I would rather enjoy the beach. I would like to help him find someone to fish with while we are on the island. If you'll be visiting around the same time and plan to fish, let me know if he could join your group. Thanks!

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    the desert. the national park just laying on the beach in total relaxation.
    If you will go downtown across from the Crystal Casino you'll see several fishing boats, there you'll be able to find phone numbers and sometimes if you'll go about 4 pm you could catch one or more of the captain or 1st mate's.

    I ask about night fishing because of the heat, bad mistake, All the guy had on his boat was a depth finder and we didn't go out very far I quess he thought he'd get lost, nor did we fish any structure. just a flat bottom on the chart. Didn't catch jack!

    in the daytime would be better

    shady grady
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    The less crowded beaches & the Dutch bars
    I've found most of the boats in Aruba have less experience than the typical weekend boat owner. They also hate to have split charters.

    I agree about going down in the afternoon looking to hook up with someone for a trip on the following day or so.

    The first boat behind the small bar across from The Renassainse did a pretty good job for me.That was 2 years ago.

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