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Thread: lost MENS wedding ring Antilla Wreck

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    lost MENS wedding ring Antilla Wreck

    I Post This Every 6 Months Or So Hoping Someone Will Find My Husbands Wedding Ring. My Husband And I Were Snorkeling The Antilla Last August, I Got Caught Up In The Current And Panicked, My Husband Tried To Get To Me But In The Process His Wedding Ring Fell Off. We Contacted The Snorkeling Boat "roberto's Water Sports" And They Do Not Respond To My Emails. It Is A Size 10 With A Few Small Diamonds On It. I Know Its Probably Gone Forever But You Never Know.

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    That's a tough needle in the haystack, my friend. But maybe....
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    Wow that totally blows... my boyfriend and I dive whenever we go to aruba. We will certainly keep our eyes peeled but that really is looking for a needle in a haystack...
    My only suggestion is get someone down there with a metal detector.. the chances are still pretty slim but better than just the naked eye.. Good luck!

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