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Thread: Mango Halto

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    you will need to ask kent re: the yellow buoy

    kent is a forum member, so please send him a private message

    he will be able to answer your question . he is the owner of arubabob snorkeling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bixa2805 View Post
    Lesson learned, we went to Mangel Halto yesterday and we basically saw nothing. We did not venture out very far as we didn't have vests and the current did look swift. Does Aruba Bob take you beyond the yellow buoy? I am a beginner snorkeler and being in the open ocean scares me a bit. Maybe we will try it if we come back next year.  Heading to Arashi beach tomorrow!

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    Arashi Beach is awesome. Saw starfish, a stingray, a small eel, and many beautiful fish. Went to Mangel Halto. Agree with above posts about taking warnings seriously. My son's wife is also a swimmer and I was a lifeguard and we stayed within the reef. Very rough outside.

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