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Thread: Metal detecting on beaches?

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    Metal detecting on beaches?

    My husband and I are going to visit Aruba for the first time next week. On our vacations, I love to shop. My husband likes to find buried quarters on the beach. Does anyone know if this is allowed on Aruba beaches?? Kim

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    I have seen someone with a metal detector only once on the beach. I think it would be allowed as long as you did not inerfer with people on the beach. He may want to go searching after 4:00 PM when most beaches thin out. . . .

    Tom and Pam

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    I have seen people do it before, but not very often. With that said, I have not studied the law, but I could see no reason it would not be allowed. I would say give it a whirl!

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    this past trip i saw at least one person with metal detectors on the beach every morning!

    the beaches are public and as long as you are not disturbing the peace i am certain there is no law prohibiting it.

    my husband has said numerous tiimes that he'd love to try it.


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