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Thread: mi dushi snorkel

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    mi dushi snorkel

    I've pre-booked this trip. Has anyone been on it before? I did the 9:30 - 2:00 pm. I wasn't sure which of the three to choose from. My first requested date was already sold out!

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    We did this about 2 years ago and had a great time. They took us to three locations to snorkel and provided lunch.

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    Yes, we have done the morning Mi Dushi twice now and were very happy both times. We took it over the Jolly Pirate as it looked less crowded and had inside space to get out of the sun. The food was good and the drinks, including beer were good. If you are looking for more of the wild party thing, it's probably better to take Jolly Pirate. We'll do Di Mushi again in May.
    The heck with a countdown calendar, we're in Aruba until May 27!!!!!

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    It all depends what you are looking for.:
    Blue melody and Octopus are intimate and friendly while not being heavy party, if you are looking for snorkeling.
    I think that both Mi Dushi and Jolly Pirate are about the same for partying.
    My wife and I will likely do Jolly Pirate sunset cruise to snorkel at the wreck once. We do all of the other sites with our rental car.

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