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Thread: Mountain Bike Tour--Rancho Notorious

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    Mountain Bike Tour--Rancho Notorious

    Hi all,

    About to do Trip 5 to Aruba with my wife (it's our 10th Anniversary this time!) and we're looking to do some activities and see more of the island, as all previous visits were fairly short and spent lounging on Eagle Beach. We intend to do lounging this time, but would also like to see the Natural Pool (with a tour, based on what I've read here), and we'd love to do some light mountain biking (again with a tour) to see some other areas of the island away from Palm and Eagle Beaches.

    Just read SanNic44's post about the dogs attacking--scary!--and now I'm curious if anyone's done any mountain bike tours in Aruba. Saw that a company called Rancho Notorious offers them, but was wondering about some firsthand experience, either with them or with another company.

    Many thanks for any help. I only just discovered this board (wish I'd known about it for trips 1-4!).

    Thanks again!

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    i haven't a clue on the mountain bike tours offered by notorious.
    but "welcome to the forum" and i am glad that you found us.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Welcome to the forum.

    I have no experience with bike tours but do know that there is also another company which offers them

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