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Thread: Mushi Dishu

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    Question Mushi Dishu

    We went on this sunset cruise a few years ago
    and really enjoyed it, but I can't seem to find the web site
    anymore. Do I have the wrong spelling? Are they still
    in business?

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    Any Aruba beach...

    Talking Mi Dushi

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    You might also want to try their morning snorkel cruise. It's a real blast, and includes 3 stops for snorkeling, a great catered lunch, and all the booze you can drink, if you are so inclined. It's a lot of fun, and always attracts a nice croud of passengers.

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    ...I'm in the process.
    Chill? Uh, more than enough of that to go around.
    It's -25 outside.
    Chilling isn't an issue *grin*
    Mr. Ratt
    "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got..."
    Aruba.... May 12, 2018... 3pm at the Tamarijn, see you there.

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    My daughters new work another words chill and relax.
    We all love aruba.
    I have neer seen anyone drunk and acting llike a morn there.

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