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Thread: Need to book in advance?

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    Need to book in advance?

    Will be in Aruba Mar 15-23 (honeymoon). Interested in doing some of the popular activities, ie. day-sailing/snorkeling trips, ATV to Natural Pool, etc.

    How far in advance do these things book up? (my understanding is that we are at the tail end of high season).

    I've been some places (ie. NZ) where if you didn't book ~1 month ahead, the activity would be fully booked.

    I'm happy to wait and not book (so we can play it by ear), but don't want to miss out on things, so will book in adv if needed.

    We won't care which day we do which things.

    Off-topic for this section, but the same question with regard to restaurants (ie. reservations needed? only for Fri/Sat?)


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    You can book when you get there...though, some outfits, Depalm, Red Sail sports, offer discounts if you do book online. Many hotels have tour desks in them, so you can also do it there....

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    Most things at that time of year will not be booked unless there are multiple ships in port. Also, bear in mind that many places will be closed on the 18th. If anything you want to do is offered on a limited schedule, you might want to book in advance and fit in whatever other stuff you can.

    We go around the same time every year as our anniversary is the 17th. It's the best time of year in Aruba, at least in my experience.

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    When we were there 2 years ago (March 15-29) we didn't make any arrangments ahead of time. The only thing we booked and had to wait for a day to do was the jeep excursion to the natural pool. We just worked other stuff around that which was fine. We didn't do any snorkeling/sailing excursion though, so I'm not sure how far out those get booked.
    We're trying to decide what we want to do this trip (March 13-27). Other than snorkeling we feel like we've done it all.

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    Why will things be closed on the 18th?

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    National Anthem & Flag Day- March 18
    National Holiday- stores will be closed, most larger excursions will operate and restaurants will be open

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