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Thread: Odd Encounter today, zip line? resort that starts with an S?

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    Odd Encounter today, zip line? resort that starts with an S?

    We had a really odd encounter at the grocery store today. Our cashier was a very chatty high school student. She was talking about returning from her vacation and not having her homework done. I asked where she had been on her vacation and she immediately says Aruba! Well, now you know I am much more interested than I was about her calculus homework. I asked where she stayed and she said a new resort that starts with S and opened in the last couple years but she couldn't remember the name. I asked if she did anything fun and she said yes, we ziplined and rode horses. I was perplexed, but she's a child so I just let her ramble on without asking any more questions. The only resort I can think of with an S was Surf Club. I really question if she went to Aruba or somewhere else, but why would she lie? It was just an odd interaction all together. So I'm wondering - did the zip line open? I remember hearing it was being built at De Palm island, but I don't see anything on their site about it.
    Not sure when, but we will be back

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    Knowing teens its possible they stayed at Marriot Resort and STELLARIS casino. More likely the name did not start with an S. My two grandkids that went last year and the year before don't remember that we stayed at the Costa Linda. I have not heard of any zip line opening but it is not something I would do.

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    Do you think she was on a cruise ship perhaps with a zip line on it, and did an excursion horseback riding?
    maybe it was a new ship....
    if she can't remember where she stayed I wish her luck getting that calculus right.... Teheeee🌝

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    I was just in Aruba back in last Feb and DePalm Island zip line was not opened yet..still a work in progress and looked to be on island time schedule

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    yup, it is not yet listed on their site

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    But will be "completed in early 2015" according to the engineer's site
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Didnt they want to do A zipline at Paseo Herencia? I can remember something about that the last time I was there. From the big tower down? Or the mall the build next to Paseo?

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