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Thread: Opinions Please for 1 Day Self Guided Jeep Island Route

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    SkiChris ~ Thank you for sharing!
    * I'm taking your suggestion and skipping all the animal tourist stops. Too many other unique sights to explore with limited time. Carrots for the donkeys is a great idea!
    * The Antilla looks amazing if we had more time. Our priority in choosing the Tranquilo is really the sailing experience in calmer water. My daughters (ages 27-31) have snorkeled and been scuba diving several times, but they've never sailed, so I'm hoping it will be a fun new experience. My son-in-law also has to manage sea sickness with medication, so I hope the Spanish Lagoon is kind to him.

    CK1 - Key Word: Send Money for change fees for 9 flights!!
    * Oh how I wish we could extend the trip! I have no doubt we won't want to leave after 5 nights...but I'm thankful we're able to get all of our daughter's w/spouses & grandchild there at the same small task with their hectic careers & coordinating flights from 4 different states. I'll treasure every minute!

    So many wonderful suggestions for dinner on the return trip!

    Any experience with both Fontein and Quadirikiri Caves? If we only have time for 1 - which would you choose?

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    If you had to pick one cave, I'd recommend Quadirikiri Caves. For the stops you have scheduled in/near Arikok National Park (Boca Prins, Quadirikiri & Fontein Caves), my suggestion would be to circle those on your list as a group and consider eliminating them from the tour if you are running short on time in the afternoon. While the national park is beautiful, it is large and takes time to drive to and explore so I would suggest having that group of sites as an optional exploration on your self guided tour and only add those stops if time allows. When you drive down to Baby Beach, you can explore the southern tip of the island and the geography of the southern tip is very similar in that area (and you'll be able to see all the wind turbines).

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    Here is some great information on Fontein cave and the pond where the little Tilapia tickle your feet, from forum member ArubaLisa:

    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    The Pond is actually called "Fontein" which means fountain. It is the only fresh water spring on the island.

    There are actually two pools and they are on private property. Fortunately the cave is part of the National Park.

    I have a bit more info about it including photos at It is truly a very unique spot.

    When it was still part of the National Park, the building on the property housed a museum. The property's entrance was on the eastern side of the property as opposed to the western side adjacent to the cave.

    The property was, as far as I know, last slated to become a resort Government Not Enthusiastic About The Project, Environmental Organizations Concerned. Obviously that is long delayed.

    Funny, just this past May I was pondering the fate of the spot. It is truly unique. Ideally I would love to see the government purchase the land and incorporate it into the park as imo, it should be.

    I will qualify my remarks, as always, not my island, not my park. Our family just pays the entry fee to see it.

    More info

    On the page the museum

    Trivia- there is a Fontein in Curašao as well.
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    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    I would love to hear how this went for BeachMom. Also just in general - how difficult is the driving for an itinerary like this? My husband is a great driver but he has never done any sort of "off-roading"....

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