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Thread: Ostrich Farm & Donkey Farm

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    The Beach!
    We went to the Donkey Sanctuary... We stopped there with Bully on our tour. If you don't have a car, just contact Bully and he will take you there! It was fun for the kids to feed the donkeys!
    Decided to take down my timer!

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    Divi links, pool, beach, lighthouse, Arikok National Park, etc.
    I did the Ostrich Farm as part of a stop on an ATV tour. We got to feed the big ostriches from our hands and saw the baby ostriches and the eggs, etc. Once the tour part was over they gave us lunch. We had a choice of either a grilled chicken sandwich or ostrich burger. Hubby got the chicken but I decided to be adventurous and try something I never had before. For some reason (probably subconscious guilt) it didn't dawn on me until later on where they got the ostrich meat from!!!! Poor ostriches, but to be honest, they were tasty
    Wanted to get to the donkey sanctuary this trip (after hearing about the wonderful work the volunteers do) but never made it. Will be on the "MUST" list next year. My daughter will be almost 3 by our next trip so she will probably love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewny1 View Post
    For some reason (probably subconscious guilt) it didn't dawn on me until later on where they got the ostrich meat from!!!! Poor ostriches, but to be honest, they were tasty
    If it makes you feel any better, the ostrich meat is actually shipped in from Curacao (they have an ostrich farm there with over 600 ostriches.)

    It is good meat - it's very lean which I like.
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    Next time, we'll really have to go to the Donkey Sanctuary. I love mini-donkeys!!!We had one for a long time as a horse companion, and he was quite the character! We rescued him from a petting zoo that went out of business. He now lives on a private island off Woods Hole -- he was supposed to be watching over their sheep, but kept letting them out of the gate to get to the "good grass" at the cook's house! lol
    BTW, horses also love all kinds of peppermints, esp. the round red and white ones wrapped in crackly plastic -- they'd come running when the heard the wrappers!!!

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    The donkey sanctuary it is!! I LOVE the t-shirts too!!


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    I love the beach (who doesn't?), anywhere that I can snorkel, The Donkey Sanctuary (much to the dismay of my daughter), the lighthouse.
    I went to the Donkey Sanctuary last week. It was one of the highlights of the trip! I really enjoy them. They are so friendly...and they love carrots. I stopped at the grocery store on my way and bought two large bags. Last year I took apples and carrots, but I had to cut the apples with a dull knife. I took Aruba Amy's advice and just bought carrots this year. They easily snap in half, or in thirds. Thanks Amy!

    I also picked up some of the new DNKY shirts!


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