While my husband and I were in Aruba on an ATV tour of the island, we cam across a company called Rancho del Campo that provided scenic horseback riding tours. When we saw the horses, they were extremely emaciated. Their hip bones and back bones were protruding. A few of the horses eye lids were droopy from infection, they weren't properly shoed and had oozing & bloody wounds all over their legs. When the horses were "tied up for rest", the reps giving the tours started to kick a horse. The horses weren't given any water and were eating the wooden posts they were tied up to. These horses were extremely depressed, lethargic & thirsty.

I will do whatever measures are necessary to educate and contact the public to make them aware of the treatment of these animals at Rancho del Campo. Itís a shame that an island as beautiful as Aruba, lacks the ability to regulate such treatment.