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Thread: Renaissance Island Spa

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    Renaissance Island Spa

    With only 17 days until our vacation, I am trying to finalize some things. For those of you who have used spa services on Renaissance Island, should I book the services we want now or wait until we get to paradise?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Regardless of the activity, if you know what you want and when, Imo, book ahead of time. If you are flexible and don't really care when or what time, then not an issue and can wait until you arrive.

    We have done this in the past with rental cars. A few times we had to switch a couple of things around because the car was not available on the day we wanted it.

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    With what I know of the resort, I have seen lots of couples booking the spa treatment for the island in advance, as the "hut" is always in advance and get the day and time you want...if a problem, cancel when there...
    The private island is our favorite place one earth !

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    I already booked mine for week of October 11-17

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