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Thread: renting a boat

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    renting a boat

    does anyone know where we can rent a small boat while in aruba? we don not need anything big, but we would like a decent price...........we are making a videography of the island and need one to do the coastal areas..........any help would be appreciated.

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    rent a sailing boat

    We are going to aruba in november and I'm also looking forward to rent a small sailing boat.

    Is this possible on aruba?

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    My swimming pool with a 7/7 or in my boat with a fishing rod looking in at Malmok.
    I have been trying to find a very small one to rent to go fly fishing, but doesn't seem to be any who rents out small boats.

    The only one I can find is this one and it is not especially small (and is actually for sale).

    He charges $150 and hour for max 5 people including:

    A professional captain
    •Soft drinks, beer and water
    •Snorkelling, snorkel equipment and life vests for each passanger (including one for a baby)
    •Waterskiing ($50,- additional)

    •Tube riding ($50,- additional)

    If anyone knows of smaller boats for rent, please post

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    I would LOVE to find a place to rent a Sunfish... Anyone have luck finding a place that rents them?

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