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Thread: savaneta windsurfer rentals?

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    Smile savaneta windsurfer rentals?

    I am staying in savaneta for the first time. usually I am in the low rise timeshares. I need to know if there is a place to rent a windsurfer in Savaneta, where the best places are for happy hour, dinner, etc. thanks I will be there on Dec.25th for a week..

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    I don't know of any place to rent windsurf gear in Savaneta.

    Zeerovers is good for drinks day and night.

    Hoi Sing is also fun for drinks depending on who comes in or not. There are some little rum shops on the island side of the main highway.

    Dinners out you have the high end: Flying Fishbone, Old Man and The Sea. Amazing is on the point as you enter the main part of San Nicolaas.

    There is less expensive fare but it is all very local-style. In San Nicolaas you have the Colombian restaurants for breakfast and lunch. Spanish skills very helpful.

    You will definitely need a vehicle for a stay in this part of the island.

    See my blog for various posts on Aruba local flavor and such.

    Bon dia.

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    Be careful over there also, lock up and whatnot when your not there. They have been having some break-ins recently. Be safe, be smart, and have fun.

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