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Thread: Sea Trek Underwater Helmet Tour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    i cannot imagine 75 lbs sitting on my shoulders.
    I don't really remember it being heavy. I looked up the weight and found that the weight is about 70lbs, but underwater it is 15lbs. If I remember correctly, we were in the water head above water when they put the helmet on. The "ladder" are long metal bars, Jon and I were both on it together. I don't think I am doing a good job describing it.

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    Tracey, your description makes sense. I had read on one site that it was 75 pounds but then checking the Sea Trek site that said 15 pounds. It's hard to imagine 75 pounds being manageable.

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    I almost signed up for this a few years ago but chickened out with the fear I would feel claustrophobic. I also had silly thoughts like what if I can't get the helmet off my head It is so much easier when you are younger seems like the older I get the more weird stuff I worry about, oh well it you are braver than I it looks like it would be fun!

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