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Thread: SHARKS!!

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    i have not heard of shark attacks either....maybe because the sharks are in Aruban waters, they are "happier" and less "aggressive". Just like me when i am in Aruba.
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    Just thought I would put my 2 cents in since I just about live in the ocean. If you go down by baby beach and walk along the shore, we have seen sharks out there. You have to remember that the ocean is where sharks live. 1 month ago we wanted to get some good pics with our go pro camera so we set up some bait and dove down 80 feet deep and set up the go pro. 6 hours later we went back and got the go pro and looked to see what we got on tape. You guessed it. A shark came in and bumped the bait box and took off. This was a 7 ft shark. I have done alot of deep sea fishing in Aruba and I have caught sharks so believe me, there are sharks in the water but I have never heard of any shark attacks in Aruba. That is more than we can say about Florida. The sharks like the deeper water because its cooler for them.

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    palm beach, mangel halto for snorkling


    I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! If a shark ever did take a bite of me, I am sure he would spit it out very fast!! LOL!!!
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