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Thread: shore fishing savanetta?

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    Thanks for the report!!! The last time we were in Aruba we fished that area but didn't catch anything. Maybe I should try some natural bait rather than lures next time.

    Quote Originally Posted by lucky View Post
    surf fishing.I was in aruba from 11/28/11-12/12/11.Caught many bonefish(mostly small,but some 4-5 pounders) on the sandy section of arashi beach(north side)using a spinning rod with a strip of squid

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    Quote Originally Posted by tight_lines View Post
    As for where the Spanish Lagoon is located, go to Wikimapia dot com and zoom to the following coordinates: 12.4736209N 69.9753356W (I would put a link in here but I can't since I'm new to the forum).

    Take care!

    - In Chun
    Yes, the coordinates are Spanish Lagoon. If you do a search I believe there was a post about fishing from one of the bridges there.

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    I just saw your inquery about renting rods. I am pretty familiar with the Island and can say there are no places to rent eqpt. Because I di no trust the airlines to transport my eqpt I have 6 to 8 piece travel rods I carry onboard. Cabellas have a good selection of quality rods at reasonable prices. Right now i have been using an 8 pece 7 weight fly rod I converted to spinning use by adding a large eye at the bottom ( also with materials bought at Cabellas ) Itape the spinning reel on when i need it and mount the fly reel on in the normal manner when fly fishing.
    You can get some cheap rods and gear at the large hardware store just outside the airport before you get to the first circle ( rotary for you Bostonians )

    Hope this helps

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