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Thread: should i bring own snorkeling equipment?

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    Talking should i bring own snorkeling equipment?

    wondering if we should bring snorkel equipment, due to disappointment on St Martin last year (cruise) all equipment was rented out so we didn't get to go
    on the excursion we went on. What are the best spots? this will be our first
    time to aruba- dec 10-18!!! can't wait!

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    We have found that if you are only going to snorkel once or twice from shore then you can rent equipment and not worry about dragging it with you (and paying extra for checking baggage, etc.). If you are going to snorkel more often, then it makes sense to bring your own equipment. If you are going on organized trips like Jolly Pirates, etc., then they will provide the equipment for you. It really is a matter of personal preference.

    Good spots from shore are Baby Beach (inside the rocks), Mango Halto, Boca Catalina and Arashi Beach. Have fun!
    See you in Aruba!!!
    Next Aruba trip in

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