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Thread: Snorkeling - Sea Snakes = Are They dangerous

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    Snorkeling - Sea Snakes = Are They dangerous

    Hi - I followed a link from AubaLisa about snorkeling. They said they observed sea snakes. I too saw sea snakes when I last snorkeled at Arashi Beach and I bolted out of the water - are they poisoness? agressive? We are going Saturday and plan to go snorkeling at Catalina cove, etc. Any info is appreciated.

    Thanks. Diana

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    Not aggressive unless provoked, more likely more afraid of you than you are of them.

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    I snorkel often in that location while in aruba.
    Believe you me, if they posed a threat, i would not be there.
    I am lotsa "talk" but when it comes to stuff like snakes, eels and stuff that makes one go eewww, i am a wimp.

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