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Thread: Snorkeling without a guided tour??

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    Snorkeling without a guided tour??

    This is going to be my first of many posts on asking for information on where/what to do without patronage of a guide service as her and I have had many experiences with many different outdoor activities and like the adventure of doing things alone without the pressure of guides, the fumes of busses, the nagging of others who may be on a trip with us, and the use of crappy dirty rental equipment (I work in the white water business in the states and I know all about the above)

    So my questions in this post...

    Where can we access Snorkeling areas from the beaches, that might be accessable by rental Jeep?

    If we travel with our own masks and snorkles, can we rent swimming fins from some one on the island to use??

    Is there any permitting or access fees to any of the beaches, parking areas, or the activity itself that we should know about??


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    Boca Catalina is a good spot to snorkle. Entry into the water is a litte tough on the feet. Beware of leaving things/belongings in car or jeep, or things on the beach in that area. Beautiful place to go as all the tour boats stop there. You can park right at the spot and do your own thing.

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    Can you tell me how to get to Boca Catalina?


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