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Thread: snorkeling wrecks

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    snorkeling wrecks

    Hello all,
    Heading down in July, we stay at the Surf Club..last year wife and daughter did parasailing by hotel...They boat driver said there was a wreck nearby that we can snorkel...forgot which one...How is it? Is it a good experience?
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    Any Aruba beach...
    The Antilla, but it can only be reached by boat.

    "Rich in History, the Island's greatest snorkel site, the Antilla Wreck consistently garners international recognition as one the Caribbean's finest wreck dives. Under the watchful eyes of the expert Jolly Pirates Crew, you will view up close the 400ft Antilla WWII Shipwreck. Coral-encrusted, this wreck boasts ooodles of species of colorful, tropical fish which after so many years call this sunken treasure their home."

    I am reposting this from an older post...

    Please do not try to swim the .40 mile to the Antilla snorkel for "x" amount of time and then swim back to shore against the wind and current.

    The last person who I heard who attempted this was rescued via dinghy by a member of the Jolly Pirates crew who luckily for the snorkeler, happened to be nearby.

    More info at

    FWIW, imo, there is better snorkeling on the island. The Antilla is a much better dive than snorkel. Visibility in Aruba is not that great and snorkeling on top of the wreck you will not see as much as you like. There are parts of the ship which do stick up out of the water and with the currents, again, could make for a very dangerous situation. Not worth risking one's life over.

    For a cheap day of unlimted snorkeling, for $2.60 roundtrip take the bus to Malmok and snorkel Boca Catalina and Catalina Cove to your heart's content. When we snorkeled the Antilla and Boca Catalina areas in June, the water at Boca Catalina had 100% better visibility than the Antilla.
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    agree w/ lisa re: the antilla.

    skip it and spend more time with little cost at boca catalina.
    go early in the morning 8 or 9, on a weekday and ENJOY!!

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