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Thread: Spa treatments off the beaten path

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    Spa treatments off the beaten path

    It has been 3-4 years since my family last went to Aruba. We are going again April 2009. My wife's birthday falls during the time we will be in Aruba. Last time we traveled here, we stayed at the Wyndam, which is now the ???.

    Anyway, while we stayed there, I came across a pamphlet in the lobby where there was a small spa service located 45 minutes to any hour away, no where near the high rises or low rises, kind of on the other, barren side of the island. This spa actually picked up my wife and dropped off which was included in the price of the spa treatment (s). If I remember, she was picked up at like 9:30 am and was dropped of after 4 PM.

    She was very frightened that she would be alone for basically the whole day, not even knowing where she was being taken to (I had arranged it as a surprise). To make the story short, she had one awesome time between the treatments, lunch, drinks etc even though she was by herself.

    I have scoured the internet trying to find something similar. Does anyone know of anything like this that still exists on the island? I want to surprise her again!


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    the wyndham is now the westin

    could the spa had been HARMONY?


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    Was there a spa at the Flying Fishbone when they first opened or next door?

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    The spa near the Flying Fishbone was called Cosmos Day Spa.

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    There is a really nice new spa in Alta Vista - I like it a lot and Fanny the owner is just the best for massages!

    She will pick you up and drop you off if you want - which is nice because after a massage or pampering I am in a zombie like state!!!

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