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    I enjoyed the sportsbook on renaissance market place in crystal casino, but i was wondering if there are other sports books, who might have:

    More tv's, betting machines, i can use, rather than always ask for my bets.
    maybe one where you have a personal tv, on your desk, your sitting at.

    Since i will be in town during College football season, plan on betting the ponies and betting and watching cfb.

    Don't get me wrong, i liked the crystals sports book, but wished they had more tv's or personal ones, so i could pick which cfb game i wanted to watch.

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    Any Aruba beach...

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    Do sportsbooks take wagers on fighting?

    Fighting such as boxing or UFC?

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    i cannot answer your question. sorry.

    but welcome to the community forum

    i hope that you get an answer

    Quote Originally Posted by kjrpat View Post
    Fighting such as boxing or UFC?

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