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Thread: Sunset Cruises

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    Sunset Cruises

    First I wanted to thank everyone for all of the valuable info on this site. You all are very helpful!

    One thing I have not seen much info on is sunset cruises? Any suggestions, recommendations or experiences? Thanks.

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    Been on the depalm boat, Palm pleasure, 5x. The sunset cruise was wonderful. They had open bar and muchies( chicken wings, meatballs). The boat is 100 ft long, plenty of open space for everyone to take pictures. The crew is nice, the boat gorgeous. I HIGHLy recommend it. Check out the gallery, i posted pics of it.

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    If you're looking for a smaller group 10-15 people, try Marcel's (south end of the Hyatt beach) for a sunset sail..... drinks, but no munchies.... nice people.

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