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Thread: Tackle shop ?

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    Tackle shop ?

    Hi all :

    Could anyone tell me if there's anything like this at Aruba please, for lures, bait, etc.
    I'm trying to source some Barracuda tube lures, but as i'm in the UK, the prices are extortionate !!
    I'll be staying at the Riu Antillas from the 1st-13th of October, & was wondering also, if anyone would think to sell me
    a few, if they are coming to the end of their vacation (just a thought).
    Thanks in advance for any response, & my email address is:

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    Go to thread--cheap fishing and bait. Lots of info

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    here is the link Cheap Fishing & Bait

    Quote Originally Posted by lucky View Post
    Go to thread--cheap fishing and bait. Lots of info

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    Try this link: I just found it, I will be there at the end of Oct., I was thinking of bringing some tackle with me, but, please let me know if you use them and how they are. I live in the US, and prices are not bad here, I did buy a cheap travel rod on EBAY for un $20.00 USD, give that a try......GOOD LUCK Also, see George, on the beach between the Holiday Inn and the Marriott, he has a hut there, he can find anything, tell him John from Jersey said hi..

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