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Thread: Tattoo party boat vs dinner cruise

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    Tattoo Party Boat

    Has anyone been on this boat? How was it?

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    Chris from CT

    Re: Tattoo Party Boat

    All Im gonna say is.....DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT!

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    Re: Tattoo Party Boat

    We did it first week of may. There wasnt alot of people on the boat the night we went so it was kinfa boring. a few got seasick and a few got "drunk sick". Have fun if you decide to do it.

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    Re: Tattoo Party Boat

    I wasn't too impressed when we went on it. The food was so-so and it was overcrowded. If you like loud music and a crowded atmosphere, go for it. I would just save your money and have a nice dinner and drinks at one of th ehotels instead. I guess you'll never know unless you try it out. Either way, have a great time there!

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    Re: Tattoo Party Boat

    I was on the Tattoo boat when my wife and I were in Aruba last year for our honeymoon. We went on the evening booze-cruise thing.

    To be honest, it really wasn't that great. Long lines for drinks... food was mediocre...

    Lots of dancing... but I would save my money and go to Carlos and Charlies if you're looking for a fun time.

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    Re: Tattoo Party Boat

    I heard it changed from last year, the food i think is from a restaurant in town that cater?? also, Giovanni from Grammies entertains ther now - i'm going Saturday!

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    Re: Tattoo Party Boat

    We went on it in Nov. 2003 during our Honeymoon. It wasn't the greatest, but we made the best of it and had a good time. We just got back from Aruba and this time we did the kukoo bus, and had an absolute blast! Have fun whatever you decide to do!

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    Re: Tattoo Party Boat

    we went on the tattoo boat last year, also. however, it was during the day. the kids loved it.....rope swing.....slide into water.....nice lunch. this year, i was bummed to find out they no longer service during the day. that is too bad. the kids really looked forward to it again.

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    Re: Tattoo Party Boat

    Went on it back in 99 while on our honeymoon in. We went in the evening and just had drinks/dancing. I don't recall why we didn't have dinner, maybe it was just optional. We went towards the end of our vacation after we had met another couple which made all the difference having some people to drink/dance/socialize with. We really had a great time. The view of the island all lit up at night was very pretty. There was a good amount of people on it, but I don't remember it being crowded. Hope this helps.

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    Tattoo party boat vs dinner cruise

    My boyfriend and I are heading to Aruba in a few weeks, we cannot wait! We are NOT party animals. But we do want to do fun things on the island. We'd love to go on a cruise, but we're not sure if we should opt for the party cruise or the dinner/dance cruise.

    I can imagine the party boat is self explanatory - a PARTY. Is it full of young people? Does it get rowdy?

    The dinner/dance cruise seems more mellow and "elegant."

    Have any of you been on either? Please describe your experience. Thank you!

    (The link for tattoo party cruises is

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