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Thread: Tipping practices

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    Oct 2014

    Tipping practices

    Hi everybody, Stupid question but here goes! We are going on the Black Pearl in a couple of weeks. I'm assuming we should tip the boat operator? $2 a person, $5? Not sure about the correct way things are handled over there. THANKS!

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    Aruba since 1979
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    Do all boat crew share tip?

    Imo $ 5 p person would be a minimum.
    I read someplace that 15% of the price. Would be good.

    Tipping is is a highly personal and hot topic.

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    Any beach!!
    On our trip some people didn't tip at all. We did $5 per person

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    I waited tables in my younger years so I'm a very good tipper at restaurants but never sure what to do regarding services, especially in another country. I hear it is a great time so I will definitely plan on tipping at least $5pp. Thanks ladies!

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    We tip the boat driver to the private island every day... since he let me bring my "stuff" on with me.
    Told us to keep bringing our coffee's (even brought him a cup one morning) and our breakfast.
    One day he encourage us to take the wheel of the boat so he can take pictures of us.
    Very cool....
    Also gave the driver to our "tour" Rocky a nice tip. He always was helping everyone. Talking pictures. Even made a stop
    at his house so a person could used the bathroom. His two grandkids came out and was chatting with us. With his permission gave
    them some snacks... (candy, peanuts and gum)

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    Not a stupid question at all! I tend to over-tip (former server as well) so it's nice to hear others' opinions too
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Black Pearl is a must do every year for us. We usually tip "the boat" $20 to be shared. I would imagine as nice as Joann and Albert are, they probably give it all to the crew.

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