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Thread: want to split a fishing charter?

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    The less crowded beaches & the Dutch bars

    want to split a fishing charter?

    I'll be arriving on the Island on March 10 & leaving on March 21.

    If anyone is interested in splitting an off shore fishing charter, send me a PM.

    I've fished on a number of the boats over the years & have caught Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and Baracuda

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    I'm looking for someone to split a charter with as well. I'll be there between May 27 and June 3. I've heard good things about Melina, but I'm sure others are good as well. If anyone would like to split a charter during these dates, please let me know. I would like two people to join us for either a 1/2day or 3/4day trip.

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    Go on the J-string with capt Speed, fished with him many of times with great results

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