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Thread: waterplane?

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    We are travelling to Aruba in December and I would really like to surprise my husband with a flight on a water plane ... something he has always wanted. What better island than Aruba to have this experience? We have been 3 times before but I have never seen a water plane. I was hoping that someone has a suggestion ... any companies that arrange those flights ... if not a water plane, is there something similar?
    Looking forward to your replies, thank you!


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    i have never seen a seaplane on aruba.
    in august we saw a magnificent yacht/cabin cruiser that had its own helicopter.

    what about the helicopter tour?
    many folks have done it and loved it.
    not inexpensive, but well worth the price (in many opinions)

    see this link
    Helicopter - Heli Island Tour Video

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    Any Aruba beach...

    Arrow From one of our trip reports

    Tamarijn Aruba June 12 - 24, 2008 (Long)

    There is only one operator on the island, Aruba Heli Tours. We decided to reserve the first tour of the day at 10 a.m. in order to have the rest of the day at the beach.

    Christian was our pilot and tour guide. We felt it was well worth the extra money for the island tour versus the beach tour. The island tour begins at the helipad at the marina in Oranjestad. We headed north and saw Druif, Eagle, Palm Beach, Malmok, Arashi and beyond. We out over the wreck of the Antilla for a very unique view. From there it was on around the lighthouse and Tierra del Sol Country Club with all of it's palatial homes, flying along the northeast coast all the way up to the Aruba Drag Raceway Park.

    Christian then took us back towards the west coast with a view of the refinery, heading back northward over the barrier islands towards to Oranjestad over Savaneta and past the airport, finally land back in Oranjestad. The color of the water during this portion of the flight was just as breathtaking as it is over Palm Beach.

    Through 17 visits to Aruba, this ranks in the top 3 excursions we have taken. The other 2 being Tranquilo and the Kini Kini ATV tour.

    Island Helicopter Tour Photos

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    I can vouch for the heli tours being worth the money. We've done the island tour twice and it was just as amazing the 2nd time as the 1st. It's not a seaplane but it's pretty incredible!

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