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Thread: What is a must-do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    welcome home

    so glad that you had fun.

    if you were to go again and stay at the same place, would you again opt for all inclusive?
    I probably would not if we went again.

    This time I think it was worth it because our kids are all under 12 and the all-inclusive for them was free. It was $125 per day per person for hubby and I. We are not big drinkers, so I'm not sure we would have gotten our money's worth if we had to pay for everyone. Breakfast was an average of about $75 for all five of us. Lunch at the pool swim-up bar was about $50-60 or so. And dinner was about $175. I figured we probably "spent" another $100 on drinks throughout the whole day (including smoothies for the kids, etc.). So, we probably racked up about $400 per day in food/drinks, but that's only because we gave the kids free reign since we had all-inclusive. They pretty much ordered whatever they wanted to eat and drink. But if we had to pay for all five of us, it would not have been worth it. My friend had to pay for her 16-year-old niece -- full price. We thought it should have been a discounted rate since she's not drinking age, but it was the same price as an adult.

    We did make the most of it and make reservations at all the different Divi Resorts during our stay. The night of our vow renewal we made reservations at the Red Parrot and the concierge, unknown to us, told them about our vow renewal. They met us with wine and an appetizer immediately and they brought us a special dessert plate that said, "Happy 25th Anniversary." We also tried the Paparazzi, the Palm Grill and numerous other restaurants on other Divi properties.

    The day we did the safari tour we were gone most of the day, so didn't take full advantage of the all-inclusive.

    So, long story short -- if you are planning to partake of a lot of alcoholic drinks or have several kids under 12, probably worth it. Otherwise, I'd skip it.

    Some other notes about the all-inclusive: a few restaurants were exclued from it (Windows on Aruba and one other I can't recall). The only beer included was Balashi. Corona and others were extra. (They didn't tell us that ahead of time.) The alcoholic drinks seemed watered down to me. I'm not a big drinker and I drank three cocktails in a row at Mulligan's and it didn't phase me. The golf included was after 3 p.m. and did not include cart or club rental. And we had a bit of a hassle getting the wrist bands removed for the vow renewal. We had asked before we purchased AI if that would be a problem so they weren't in the photos. We were told it was no problem. But the day of the renewal, after we were all dressed and waiting for our car, they only wanted to remove mine and my husband's and not the others in the ceremony (my daughters, my best friend and her niece). They did eventually remove them but they weren't very nice about it.
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    Thanks for sharing your adventure and for your insight on all-inclusive. Welcome home!

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    That natural pool ride can be scary - no matter who is driving or what vehicle you are in. Fun, by scary. Glad you had a nice trip. Congrats again on your 25th!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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