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Thread: Wobblers for fishing

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    Wobblers for fishing

    I am planning on fishing from shore when I come 2nd week of Nov, I have never but read on the many forums that include some great info, wondering what brand of wobblers googled it and come up with many different styles from a crankbait to a piece of metal Any recommendatiopns would be greatly appreciated.

    Along with any other info I would like to take my 15 year old daughter, from shore have 6-7' 4 piece rods and an array of fresh and saltwater tackle, fish the new jersey lakes and beaches, anyone coming to NJ would be happy to share information


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    palm beach, mangel halto for snorkling


    Welcome to the board.

    Sorry I can't help you out on shore fishing because I always go on a boat. Where are you staying? I see alot of people fishing on the docks by the Marriotts.
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    My experience is to use floaters, anything that sinks will get caught up coral or rock on reel back. Squid is a good bait, any live bait if you can catch next to the piers will also work. My fishing has been from the high rise and towards the lighthouse. I haven't tried anything towards the airport or beyond, but will next time down.
    I also fish the Jersey shore, but after Sandy, it will be a long time getting back down there. Tight lines....

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