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Thread: Casino - Any big winners out there?

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    1. Renaissance private island 2. Sunsets from our room 3. Baby beach 4. Alto Vista Chapel 5. Hiking Hooiberg 6. lighthouse and cunucu exploring 7. all the restaurants 8. Crystal and Seaport casinos 9. charlie's Bar 10. Downtown Orangestad.
    Thank you so much for all of your input. This makes my job as an IRS informant much easier...JUST KIDDING!!

    We have hit several 4 of a kinds and two straight flushes at table games paying a few hundred per hand or so. Believe me, we have left a lot more in Aruba than we ever took, but, remember, it is just entertainment and we never lose more than we could afford or we planned to play.


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    the beaches
    I am not a big gambler. I put in $20 in a slot and whatever happens, happens. Last year I won $1420.00 playing on the progressive poker machine at the casino in town. I got a royal flush on the quarter machine. Two years ago, my daughter put $5 in a quarter machine at the Occidental (lucky 7's) and hit the progressive and won $2500.00. So people do win there.

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