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Thread: Casino Tours

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    i am still mad at alhambra for getting rid of yahtzee slots

    i do love the hot penny at alhambra and at marriott

    re: fattypatty's comments about the riu............i totally agree.
    that casino is so disappointment in comparison with the rest of the resort. their drinks are good though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Liz - Aruba Lover View Post
    Don't you like the Hot Penney machines anymore?

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    Any beach, party, bar or Casino!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by cindyo View Post
    I like the sounds of that tour...start and hit them all....
    HMM, business oppertunity

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    My boyfriend was in Aruba about 10 years ago and swears there was a casino tour bus. He travels alot though so maybe it was another island? I think it's a great idea too. Maybe we'll just stay there and start one up!! Wishful thinking as I sit here looking at the snow piling up outside my house trying to get myself motivated to go snowblow 10 more inches....uggg...but so glad it happened this morning and hopefully Mother Nature has it out of her system so when we leave two weeks from today there will be no snow to contend with!!!

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