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Thread: Going to soccer league games on island?

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    Going to soccer league games on island?

    Hi all,

    Been to Aruba many times but only heard yesterday about the (semipro) league here. Has anyone ever gone to these games? Supposedly it's the playoffs this week and my brother in law and I are intrigued.

    Games are played at Deportivo Guillermo Trinidad? Anyone know where that is or what it's like? Any guidance is much appreciated ...


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    Any Aruba beach...

    just inland from the roundabout north of the airport, see attached
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    Hi everyone,

    The local league is in it's Playoff race right now. Soccer fans that would like to experience the game firsthand can visit the soccer stadium in Oranjestad where all games will be played.

    On Saturday the best team on the island RCA will face off against one of the best in the last decade Britannia. The game starts at 8pm in Guillermo Prospero Trinidad Stadium. (Off the roundabout near the Airport)

    And on Sunday night at 7pm the orange power Estrella will face off against the green hope of Savaneta, La Fama in what is expected to be a packed stadium in Oranjestad.

    Tickets are sold at the stadium for Afl 7,- Come out and experience the local soccer fever!

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