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Thread: Havana Full Moon Party

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    Wink Havana Full Moon Party

    I was hoping someone could direct me to Havana Beach Club's website. I am trying to find details for thier Feb 09' Full Moon Party. I have Google'd and Google'd but have had no luck finding a website.

    It appears that the full moon is Monday 2/09 so I am assuming that the party will be the Saturday prior?

    I was also hoping to get your all's opinion on what week would be better in Feb as far as nightlife goes....either the week during the full moon party or a few weeks later for the conclusion of Carnival? I have had mixed reviews from my Aruban friends.

    I am on the island fequently and have had a blast at Havana in the past but have never had the pleasure of being on the island during Carnival.

    We are a group of mid-20 somethings and love our nightlife!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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    They have a website I get email from them all the time they have many events its Enjoy the party if you make it there, they are usually very good with alot of international DJ's

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