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Thread: Kegs in aruba

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    Kegs in aruba

    My finace and I rented a couple houses for us and our wedding party. We know the beer is expensive to buy at the markets. Does anyone know if they will let us rent kegs? If so where?

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    I have no idea, but I would go to a bar and see or look up beer distributors. Drive out to Balashi. Maybe ask Arubalisa, she knows just about everything. I am sure she can steer you in a direction.

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    Check with Balashi and maybe Heineken and maybe the reps for other beers on Aruba, like Polar beer is available at TEC Inc.
    Kegs are also sold in the supermarkets, but they are these mini kegs. Some are easy to use, just cool and open, others require purchase of a machine - then, you better rent.
    When is the wedding again? I can possibly call and check for you, if you'd like.

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